Start overclocking with our custom firmware

Unlock the full potential of your Bitcoin mining hardware with our overclocking firmware. Safely and easily increase your hashrate, resulting in higher profitability and faster ROI.

Increase hash rate up to 40%

Auto tune chip frequencies

Miners restart 66% faster, fully tuned

Start overclocking with our custom firmware

Choose Your Asic Model

ASIC firmware optimizes the performance of the miners' chips, improving their hashrate by 20-40%. DevFee is ranging from 1.8% to 2.8% of the total hashrate, which varies by device model. On this page you can download alternative BiXBiT firmwares for various ASICs, find detailed instructions and get answers to the most common questions.

WhatsMiner Series m2x

Version 1.4.7

DevFee 2%

WhatsMiner Series m3x

Version 1.4.7

DevFee 2.8%

WhatsMiner Series m5x

Version 1.4.7

DevFee 2.8%

Three Easy Steps


Use CMD/CTRL+F to search or manually find your ASIC model on this page and click download. The zip-file with the firmware image will be automatically downloaded to your computer. Make sure your ASIC model corresponds with the downloaded version.


Follow the instructions given in the user manual of your specific miner version and flash your device. No SD card needed. During the flashing process, you'll need to perform a bunch of simple tasks: set some parameters, passwords, IP-addresses, etc.


After registration in BiXBiT AMS (Automated Monitoring System) you will get access to your personal account, where you will find a lot of useful tools and settings, which will help you in further work with your mining farm.

Features and Benefits

Rapid Restart

Our firmware allows your miners to get to full tune 66% faster than stock firmware.


The automatic update and tuning provided by the ASIC custom firmware saves users time by eliminating the need of repetitive procedures.

Profitability Control

Depending on the situation, you can switch between modes of maximum energy efficiency and ultimate performance.


The firmware ensures proper overclocking of each individual chip! Combined with the immersion type of cooling, you can achieve really great hashrate numbers for your miners.

Asic Boost

This technology allows miners to lower energy consumption while maintaining their efficiency on the SHA-256 algorithm. Power consumption decreases by ~10-20%.


Alarm for the user on unauthorized changes of the pool. Strong 2FA authentication and SSH access control.

Immersion Cooling

The microprogram is compatible with the most efficient type of device cooling, allowing ASICs to run fanless without resorting to bypasses.

Statistical Data

Your personal BiXBiT AMS account helps you keep track of various things during the miners work for later analysis over a period of time.


Flexible notifications and events configuration: hashrate drop, overheating, pool change, etc.