Remote Access for ASIC Devices

No more worries about expensive equipment running out of sight. Meet BiXBiT AMS — Automated Monitoring System for ASICs. Real-time statistics, main control functions and flexible notifications are now available as a single online service.

Anything You Need at Your Fingertips

We packed all important AMS features in one place for the best possible user experience

Ease of Use

A versatile mining tool that allows you to set up and control your ASICs in one place, efficiently and without hassle.

Statistical Data

Be constantly aware of the hashrate, temperature, power consumption and profitability dynamics as of one miner or the entire farm.

Hardware Administration

The control panel allows you to manage the device parameters: change pool; restart the device and stop/start mining.


Switch modes between maximum energy efficiency and peak performance, depending on the situation.

Integration with BiXBiT equipment

AMS can integrate with BiXBiT containers and monitor the operation of your cooling equipment. The panel provides data on more than 100 parameters and reports issues.


You can monitor and control your equipment from anywhere - the office, home, travel, vacation, from anywhere with an Internet connection


Two-factor authentication, SSH protocol restriction and pool change alerts will keep your equipment protected from unauthorized access.


Receive notifications on your system performance, temperature readings, hashrate drops and more via email or Telegram.

Get notified on the events you choose

Whether you're concerned about high temperatures due to the hot season in your area or the hashrate performance because you are a fan of overclocking — BiXBiT AMS will send you notifications on your scenarios via browser, email or telegram.

Three Easy Steps

Boost your profitability of Bitcoin and Altcoins mining with just a few minutes!


To access your personal BiXBiT AMS account, where you will find a lot of useful tools and settings, which will help you in further work with your mining farm.


Follow the instructions from the firmware user manual for your miners models and link your devices with the AMS. During the flashing process, you'll need to perform a bunch of simple tasks: set some parameters, passwords, IP-addresses, etc.


BiXBiT AMS will display statuses of all your miners, provide administrative functions and notifications on important events according to the scenarios you have configured.

Choose Your Asic Model

ASIC firmware optimizes the performance of the miners' chips, improving their hashrate by 20-40%. DevFee is ranging from 1.8% to 2.8% of the total hashrate, which varies by device model. On this page you can download alternative BiXBiT firmwares for various ASICs, find detailed instructions and get answers to the most common questions.

WhatsMiner Series m2x

Version 1.4.7

DevFee 2%

WhatsMiner Series m3x

Version 1.4.7

DevFee 2.8%

WhatsMiner Series m5x

Version 1.4.7

DevFee 2.8%