We ensure the long-term success of our company while protecting the environment for future generations

We strive to reduce the negative impact on the planet by promoting the harmony of society, including its economic and social aspects.

Our Global Goals

  • Preserve the planet for our children
  • Reduce negative impacts on climate
  • Create sustainable closed-loop economy

Touch Points


  • Maximum overclocking performance for mining equipment.
  • Savings on electricity, complex conditioning systems and consumables.
  • Extra income from smart utilization of the heat released by miners.


  • Recycle of thermal energy for heating demands.
  • Reduction of the carbon footprint and the rejection of fossil fuel flaring.
  • Deployment of capacities in challenging locations within renewable energy sources.


  • Granting new jobs in start-up regions with a focus on good health of local residents.
  • Ability to prioritize the operation of equipment independently.
  • High level of processes' automation ensures minimization of human errors.

BiXBiT Initiatives

Battling Climate Change

Mining with immersion cooling reduces the carbon footprint since there is no burning of fossil fuels needed to generate heat. Noise, thermal and electromagnetic pollution are reduced.

Objective: Eliminate the negative impact on the planet from us as the manufacturer and from our clients.

Promoting eco-friendly mining

We support initiatives that involve the use of renewable energy sources for cryptocurrency mining (nuclear, hydroelectric and geothermal plants, wind turbines, solar panels, etc.).

Objective: At least 90% of all energy for cryptocurrency mining must be consumed from renewable energy sources by 2030.

Wise use of available resources

Our installations are viable for both new and existing equipment in low- and middle-income regions, with only electricity and Internet access required.

Objective: Active involvement in existing innovative economic relations of people from different regions.

“Useful computations equals heat” concept

We offer our customers a dual focus: to mine cryptocurrencies and to redirect the generated heat to residential or commercial needs. It is up to the customer to choose the application of our installations.

Objective: The use of our 2in1 units with full heat recycling.

Sustainable production and consumption patterns

We use only the most essential and highest quality components with minimum impact on the environment. We constantly strive to innovate our products in this regard.

Objective: Synthesis of high technology, human prosperity, and environmental concerns.

Building innovation infrastructure

The immersion cooled cells will integrate into residences and small buildings, racks in office buildings and shopping centers, while containers will form the basis of mobile infrastructure in cities and towns.

Objective: Complex integration of our systems into residential, administrative and industrial facilities.

Our Principles

Respect for human rights

We respect human rights regardless of gender, race, color, nationality, language, origin, property, family, social and official status, age, religion, beliefs, including political beliefs, and membership or non-membership of public associations or social groups.

Ban the exploitation of forced and child labor

Our company opposes any form of forced/child labor. If we establish production facilities in other regions, including those where child labor has been used in the past, we are committed to monitoring employee hiring, preventing the use of child labor and, if necessary, seeking assistance from law enforcement authorities to resolve the situation.

Decent labor for all

Compliance with labor laws, both local and international, is the basis of our activities. There are no forms of labor discrimination in our company. In the future when opening facilities outside our country, we commit ourselves to monitor the situation and sanction the officials responsible for violations of labor relations.

Counter the corruption

We stand for the complete eradication of corruption in relations between the state, business and society. Transparency, openness, compliance with the law should be the basis for the sustainable development of most countries. For our part, we are doing our best to make it possible.

No discrimination

BiXBiT is going to expand dynamically in the future. This will require the hiring of a large number of new employees. However, the basis for recruitment, promotion, and success will remain appropriate qualifications and the necessary individual qualities. This principle remains constant even when hiring in other countries. There will be supervisors to ensure that this remains consistent.

Protect the environment

By 2030, we aim to have a zero carbon footprint from cryptocurrency mining and continue improving the environment throughout our product line. We intend to deliver our installations in locations where they cause the least amount of pollution to the environment and are most advantageous to cryptocurrency miners.

We look at (The UN Global Compact Principles) and (SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS) as on the basis of our activities